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Re: Nope.

NZ Scott wrote:

Sergey Borachev wrote:

I started another thread about the need for a high-end 17mm lens in M43 yesterday and it reached 150 posts already.

Now, 43rumors is showing a patent for what might just be the lens I was waiting for, an Olympus 15mm f/2.0 and it seems to have a promising design. I hope it is weatherproof.

In what sense is the design promising?

It seems to have a sophisticated design, similar to the 12mm. Just guessing that it is not a cheap lens, and not compromised like a pancake.

I don't think this lens will be a premium offering. It doesn't make any sense for Oly to bring out a high-end weathersealed prime that is 1/3 stop slower than the existing 17/1.8.

If Oly does go weathersealed "PRO" at the 17mm focal-length it will be f1.4 or better.

I am hoping it will be an internal focusing one. To keep the lens small and weathersealed, it might be necessary to limit it to f/2.0. Compared to the 17mm f/1.8, I think the 1/3 stop slower speed is negligible, if there is significant improvement. This has a shorter FL, which again may cause the 1/3 slower speed.  The 17mm is not premium in sharpness, in field of curvature, in distortion as many reviewers have shown in their test results. It is performing roughly on par with some cheap lenses and slightly worse than a zoom, based on test results (Sources provided in my other thread). So, maybe Olympus is trying to do something about this mistake.

I suspect that it might be a low-end kit lens replacement for the 17/2.8, which is currently playing second-fiddle to Panasonic's superior 20/1.7.

My guess is that it will be first fiddle, the second "PRO" grade lens for Olympus, and the 17mm/1.8 will be second fiddle.  With the release of the high-end E-M1 sub-line (?) and more OM-D models coming it is necessary for Olympus to come up with weatherproof lenses (I think it only has two), and come up with high quality lenses needed by pros.  The better 4/3 lenses are nice for IQ but too big, and also noisy for video.  I can see a new range of "PRO" lenses to address this need.  I expect its IQ will be at least as good as the 12mm f/2.0.

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