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Guy Parsons
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Re: Bring on a logical lens set....

Valentinian wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

Instead of sticking to the boring film days standard set of primes of 28/35/50 (equivalents) etc, maybe they are trying to get a more logical set of lenses established, suitable for the 21st century.

Think in terms of 7.5/15/30/60 maybe for a 2x separated set, 60mm already there in the macro and 15mm in the toy lens cap lens so far - now for a real 15mm and hopefully 30mm later.

Then an even better 1.4x separated prime set would become 7.5/11/15/21/30/42/60 in rounded numbers. Nice. I might even stray from zooms if something sensible like that happens.

so, nobody wants a 250mm/F4....

Not me, I would just use the Pana 45-150mm for the odd times I use tele, but of course the logical 1.4x set could be extended.... 7.5/11/15/21/30/42/60/85/120/170/240/340/480 with the 2x set in bold.

Now we can carry a bag as large and as heavy as those FF freaks to prove we are "real men"

Regards.... Guy

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