What was your first digital camera?

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Leica Digilux 1, but . . .

. . . I soon switched to a Sony Mavica FD-200. It was such a fun camera that both my Dad and my younger brother eventually got the same model. Here's the first paragraph from the brief review I posted here about eight years ago:

Paired with a Microsoft TV Photo Viewer, the FD200 lets me take unlimited images at virtually no cost when compared with film (about 30 pictures on each 25 cent floppy--less than a penny per picture!). There's no computer to hassle with, I can make disk copies in-camera to share with others, and the results for my application are superb. In direct comparison with my previous digital camera, a Leica Digilux 1, I prefer the FD200's color rendition (more natural-looking blue skies and backlit grass); the Sony also shows less digital noise at all ISO speeds and is equally sharp at the VGA resolution I shoot at for use in the tv photo viewer.

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