RX100m2 visits Disney World - C&C welcome

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Re: RX100m2 visits Disney World - C&C welcome

I agree that high ISO shots are a great test of equipment since that's where small sensors start to show themselves.

I didn't get shots of the scenes you mentioned but here are a few high ISO pictures from the trip. In general, I was very happy with the low ISO quality, particularly given that this is a camera that easily fits into a normal pocket. Underexposed high-ISO images get pretty noisy, as is expected (the pirate ride picture is an example, but is still usable).

The main problems I had in the dark were:

(1) I'd forget to switch to shutter priority mode.

(2) I turned off the mode announcement (that presented a textual tutorial for each mode; way too annoying) and don't use the display mode that shows a hundred tiny icons representing different settings. As such, I  couldn't tell what my dial was set to without mentally sequencing through P,A,S,M.

(3) The lens takes a pretty long time to retract. Not sure, but it might be the delay in being able to put the camera away that turned the lens into a fingerprint magnet.

(4) I wish the display adjusted better to ambient light. I had to select the bright-sun mode for outdoor use and remember to turn it off in the dark.

On the positive side, the tilting LCD panel was really useful and the image quality is impressive for a pocketable camera with a zoom lens.

Pirates of the Caribbean: ISO 1000 with a flash that was, of course, totally underpowered

Pirates of the Caribbean: ISO 1250 -2.3 EV 1/25 f/1.8

Center crop of the above picture so you can see the noise and loss of detail. Still, not bad for a pocket camera.

A Pirate's Adventure: ISO 1600 - no flash - 1/25 f/1.8

Splash mountain: ISO 3200 1/100 f/1.8

Main Street, USA: ISO 3200 1/50 f/3.5

Journey of the Little Mermaid ride: ISO 3200 1/160 f/1.8

It's a Small World ride: ISO 3200 1/100 f/1.8

Center crop of the above picture

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