Canon Powershot S110 or EOS M?

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Re: EOS M has some strong benefits...

Marco Nero wrote:

EOS-M Vs s95 - same WB and same time of day with same subject. Both were subjected to the same Post Processing methods.

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Marco Nero.

Pretty decent bokeh from S100 considering this point & shoot is $400.

When you add the EF-S mount (+$150) and decent fast lens like 50mm f/1.4 (+$400), you're at more than double the price of the S1xx line.
I also have the EOS M.  It kicks ass at low light.  However, it is not as versatile as the S1xx line.  S1xx is really a Swiss knife of pocket cameras.  Yes, you have to sacrifice some image quality.  But, you only have to spend $400 and don't have to carry any extra flashes, lenses or ND filters.

Do you actually carry the EOS M and S95 together?  That seems redundant to me.  It is with great regret that I'm going to return my EOS M soon.  I can't justify two compact cameras.
The EOS M's main benefit is picture quality.  But going to Disney World, I don't want to carry a prime lens, a zoom lens, and an external flash with me...along with extra batteries.  Yes, the LOW LIGHT picture quality will be much better than the S1xx series but it's not worth the hassle to me.

The S1xx series is super convenient.  I wish Canon would take all the buttons and dials from the S1xx and put it on the M2.  I will come back to the EOS M at that time.  I esp want them to add a 1 touch Custom WB button.  I love having that on my S100 & S110, use it all the time indoors because it's so quick and simple!

No I have never been in a situation where I have carried both my EOS-M and my S100. I grab the S100 when I need flash (I don't have the flash for my M yet), a zoom lens, or something ultra compact. I take the M for all other situation and especially when I want short DoF or great landscape pics.
I like both cams will see how they will be used in the future. I think it will depend on the next gen camera and lenses in the M family.

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