DSLR Newbie Guidance - First Flash

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Re: DSLR Newbie Guidance - First Flash

eldreams wrote:

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For instance:


The larger the better, generally speaking, but if you're only doing head-and-shoulders you can get away with a smaller reflector.

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Thanks for the information, i'll take this into consideration. Also this site looks fairly decent in pricing - thanks! Any recommendation on flash/speedlight? I've been looking into Yongnuo specifically Yongnuo YN568EX or 568EXII (If there is one for Nikon), so far every review/youtube video I've seen is giving it good reviews for its price. I treat my equipment with a lot of care, and as long as I use the right batteries etc I think I can get this flash to last me some time - what do you think?

It's not so much that cheap equipment will fall apart or break very quickly (though that is a concern), it's more that it's generally of low quality in terms of results or features. In other words, even if something doesn't fall apart you'll get frustrated with its limitations and want to replace it. Better to skip the step where you waste $100+ on something you hate after 6 months and replace after 12.

For instance, if you use a Canon flash with a Canon lens on a Canon body, there are all kinds of neat ways that the various parts talk to one another and communicate important things like zoom, exposure, focus info, etc. The whole becomes more than the sum of its parts. I honestly don't know from Nikon equipment but I'd be very, very surprised if they didn't have a similar system.

The principal concern for off-brand camera flashes (aside from durability, which is true for an off-brand anything) would be color consistency and recycle time. The "good review for its price" is meaningless if it doesn't ultimately produce images that are consistently exposed, or you have to wait around all day while it recharges. And I'd be suspicious of trusting just anyone with a YouTube account -- not because they are necessarily shills, but because they might just not be experienced enough to ask the right questions.

I mean, if you are dead set on cheap flashes then get them! Maybe it'll work out -- certainly there are plenty of ways to cut corners in this field, and there is no shortage of people who will tell you to buy expensive gear you don't really need. But for something as integral to a good kit as a flash unit  I'd really only trust the top-named brands: Canon, Nikon, Minolta, MAYBE Tamron, if they even make flashes.

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