So, how are they going to sort out the forums now?

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Re: So, how are they going to sort out the forums now?

bobn2 wrote:

Skeeterbytes wrote:

They may eventually need to add a "pro" µ4/3 forum, because that joint desperately needs to do something about the signal-to-noise ratio. This place will stay put as is--I'll note the continued existence of the Kodak SLR forum.

'pro' forums generally make the SNR worse, not better because once you pout that title on a forum, it becomes inhabited by sniffy wannabe 'pros' who use their camera choice to look down on the buyers of 'inferior' cameras. That's not how this forum works at the moment, and it would be a shame if it turned into that.

Made me look. I do see one Nikon forum with "Pro" in the title and interestingly, no equivalent Canon forum.

Take that, Canonauts--you're not "pro" so there!

Confess to spending zero time in either--rather a departure from their denizens who routinely swoop in here to waste our time as they attempt amateur mockery/self-congratulations—so have not clue one about the tenor of the discussions. What I believe will/must happen with the µ4/3 forum is dividing it into two chunks: one for the advanced cameras (however one may prefer to divvy them up) and one for everything else. If traffic gets sufficiently heavy, go ahead and make a third lens forum.

Whatever they decide to do there, this SLR forum will remain as is, even after the line is completely discontinued. We can talk about where to find parts.



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