4/3 gear: Current average prices - a price list attempt

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4/3 gear: Current average prices - a price list attempt

This is what I mean this thread TO BE:

A thread about:

- Availability of new 4/3 DSLR cameras

- Availability of refurbished 4/3 DSLR cameras

- Average ballpark pricing of used 4/3 gear

This is what I DO NOT meant this thread to be:

- A sales/advertisement thread. This is one of the reasons I will NOT post website addresses when I see something available (except for obvious stuff like Fleabay). The other being - I want the info to be available to the community here, not indexed and used all over the web. That's why, whenever I estimate an item to be in limited supply, I'll name the seller in a PM only, to whoever asks.


Here's how I would imagine it to work:

This time, I would make it long, with comments. If we are to update this, the form should be: Write current date or month, copy/paste list, in the form: Item / Price that has changed (state if it's new, refurb, used), in bold letters, plus comment.

For example:

" - Olympus E-630 camera : Price new $600, Refurb : $400; Used : $200(hey, with that new E-650 and the new foveon sensor, price of the 24mp sony E-630 has dropped)" - he he he - I wish

So. The list:

- - - - - -

DSLR camera bodies:

NOTE FOR KITS WITH KIT LENSES: When in a Kit, I'd count the the 14-42mm for $30-35, tops. 40-150mmMk2 - $35-50 tops. 14-45mm - $35 tops. 40-150mk1 - $60 tops. Do not plan ahead on buying that expensive kit and then resell the lenses to get even. Won't happen.

- E-5 : Currently one new available at a reseller in the US, at msrp price ($1699). Used price: between $950 and $1100. Refurbished price (when available): depends. Let's say $1200 to $1400.

- E-3 : Price used: Seen it between $250 and $350

- E-30 : Currently one refurbished available for $780. Seen one used go for $280, battery grip included. I estimate this price to be too low to form a trend on. I would estimate it's used price around $400

- E-1 : Price used: Anything is possible, this beilng a collector's camera. "Smart" price would be between $100 and $200 body only, depending on condition. Battery grip should be no more than $60-70, battery and dedicated charger included (there's quite a few of them on the bay at higher prices, but they are just overpriced.

- E-300 : Currently one new open box with 14-45mm and (1st gen) 40-150mm kit lenses listed at a very high $700. Used price: Seen it as low as $80 in working condition, $100 complete with packaging and accessories.

- E-330 : Used price: A premium of $30 to $50 over the price of the E-300 seems to be the norm.

- Panasonic DMC-L1 : Body only goes around $200, $400 and up with original 14-50mm 2.8-3.5 lens.

- E-400 : Given how it has never been sold in the US and as it's the last one with a Kodak sensor - prices asked seem to go crazy on fleabay. Seen it as high as $500 with the two kit lenses. Correct pricing for body only should be between $140 and $200, depending on how bad you want one.

- E-410 : Seems to fetch higher than the E-420. Let's say an extra 20 bucks. Read E-420 prices below.

- E-420: Given how the last ones sold new at Walmart for $110 with the kit lens, it's difficult to calculate a used price Anything between $110 and $170 (with kit 14-42mm) should be fair.

- E-450 : Throw in an extra 20 or 30 over the E-420, for that exotic "5" in the name tag. Otherwise it's the same camera with a few more art filters.

- Panasonic DMC-L10 : Seen it go body only for $180. Often comes with its own Panaleica kit lens (14-50mm 3.8-5.6). Read below for pricing on that one.

- E-500 : Currently one new in stock at a US reseller, price asked $350 body only. Price used would depend, between $80 and $110. Caution, there are a lot of those in "as is" condition on Fleabay. They are not repairable at home, and the E-500 is one of the expensive cameras to repair in Oly's repair price list. So don't go crazy.

- E-510 : Seems to fetch the highest from the E-5xx range. Have not seen it under $180 used, body only.

- E-520 : Price used : sub $200 for body only.

- E-600 : One refurbished with the dual kit lens combo available for $450 in the US. Price used is in the E-620 ballpark. Although they are nearly identical, the E-620 has a real plus with its illuminated buttons, so it should be prefered given the choice.

- E-620 : Price used: Anything around $200 should be fair.

- - - - -

4/3 LENSES: All those are supposed to be available new. I will list the prices I would expect to pay for them. This means - a fair price for a new item. It is not said they will be available at that price at all. At the opposite, they probably won't. This indication is only there to prevent you from paying used as much or more as what the lens used to cost new.

So once again: under Price New I do not mean their current MSRP price, but the "fairest" new price I've seen them reach - be it through rebates or other. I don't believe we need to list current MSRP prices, as they are easily available.

All lenses are Zuiko unless otherwise described.

- 7-14mm : $ used should be around $800-$900. Refurb - $1000. New in box - seen it as low as $1370, but currently impossible to find listed at this price.

- 8mm Fisheye: Would expect to find it for $600 new or refurb. Price used is the price of white whale per pound, as no one seems to have ever parted with one willingly.

- 9-18mm: $450 new when lucky. Seen as low as $350 used, but not below.

- Sigma 10-20mm : widely available new around $450. Seen it go used for $320

- 11-22mm : Price new - around $500. Used - around $320.

- 12-60mm SWD: Price new: seen as low as $760. Used price: Anything sub $600 is good. Caution, price on that one seems to have dropped quite fast, so $550 might be the average price for the time being. The E-M1 might pull the price used back up, but the expected m43 12-40mm might keep it down. It will all boil down to how the 12-40mm m43 compares to the 12-60mm 4/3. So we might see prices new falling a bit as well, or, if the 12-40mm happens to be not that terrific, m43 purchasers of the E-M1 might start harvesting the 12-60mm stocks and push the price up. Interesting times J

- 14-42mm kit lens : $50 used. Usually available for $80 refurb. New has been seen around $179.

- 14-45mm kit lens: $35-50 used

- 14-35mm SWD: Seen it used as low as $1050-1100. $1600-1700 seems to be the consensus for refurb/new.

- 14-54mmI : $180 or so used, $240 tops for items with packaging, in pristine condition

- 14-54mmII : Sometimes can be found for $499 new (usually it's $599). Both prices are too high for what it is, don't shoot me. Used seems to currently go around $300.

- PanaLeica 14-50mm 2.8-3.5: $250-300 used (often offered for more). Never sold new, except taken out of kit from resller. Not superior to the Zuiko 14-54mm, unless you need the image stabilization. Often goes in kit with an L1 body - in this case, count the L1 in for $180-200 if you plan on reselling it.

- PanaLeica : 14-50mm 3.8-5.6 : This one is a strange bird. There seem to be a few new on Fleabay, which pop in every once in a while around $350. All in all, it has merits as the kit for the L10, if you're into collectibles. But quality wise, it's not better than the 2.8-3.5, although you might see it TRYING to sell for more.

- 17.5-45mm kit lens: not enough data. I have personally seen them sit with "Buy it now" for $29.99 on Fleabay for days without selling. Definitely the least expensive lens you can plug a 4/3 with. In any event - one shouldn't pay more than $50 for it, no matter what.

- 18-180mm: Seen new as low as $330. Used goes for $180 or so.

- Sigma 18-50mm 3.5-5.6DC : When available at all, $50 should be the limit.

- Sigma 18-50mm 2.8: A great lens, but all around inferior (or at least - not superior) to the 14-54mm. Seen it go used for the price of the 14-54mm, although asking prices are usually higher.

- Sigma 18-135mm : Inferior to the 18-180mm Zuiko. Seen used as low as $80. Shouldn't invest more than $100-120, unless the exotics of it appeal to you.

- Sigma 24mm 1.8: Used - $250 or so. Too few available. A gem of a lens.

- Panaleica 25mm 1.4: The lowest I've seen them go for new was $750. Can be found around $450 used. Usually.

- Oly Pancake 25mm 2.8: Went new for $175. Used is whatever you count on spending to have it

- Sigma HSM 30mm 1.4: Those went down screaming and yelling. $220-280 should be your range.

- Oly Macro 35mm: same price all around as the 25mm Oly pancake. Higher quality, better lens. Anything under $150 should be considered a deal, although they sold for as low as $175 new at some point.

- 35-100mm: Lowest seen used : $1200. Consensus seems to be around $1600 for good used, almost the same+ for refurb / rebate new (rebates are simply too rare, but they seem to drop it to $1900.

- 50mm Macro: Used price seems to have stabilized around $300. The most lens for the buck, ever.

- Sigma 50mm 1.4: Still popping around $330 and left unsold. $275 seems to be the correct used price for the moment. Too few to judge.

- 50-200mmMk1: Used: anything south of $480 is good.

- 50-200mm SWD: Price new: seen as low as $1050. Refurb: $830-850. Used: north of $600. All in all, any price south of $700 is still a good price for this gem.

- Sigma "Bigma" 50-500mm : Used price stable around $650-800

- Sigma 55-200mm 4-5.6DC: Used price around $70 or so. Another $15 for the exotics of it, if you need it that bad. It was $160 new, so don't go crazy with that "bid" button.

- Oly 70-300mm: Good new price is $299. Used price is "depends". I've never seen it under $200 used.

- 90-250mm: New price: $5000 depending on rebates. Refurbs : $3900-4500 when available. Used: Ask Collin

- Sigma 135-400mm: Used price shouldn't be more than $330. I've seen it go to almost $500 used, which should be a no-go. A 50-200mm + EC-20 will be more expensive, but will be better.

- 150mm f2: Used, Refurb – same price: $1600 or so. Seen new around $1900.

- 300mm f2.8: Seen new for $6000, refurb for $5000.

- Sigma "Sigmonster" 300-800mm: Only one I've ever seen was new, $6500. They seem to go around $2500 in other mounts, so your bargaining base should start there.

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- EC-14: New $330, Used $275

- EC-20: New $375-400, Used $300

- EX-25: New seen as low as $90, Used should go south of that.

--- --- ---


- FL-20 (yes, that excellent little pocket gizmo): Anything south of $60 – you should jump on it. Fits in a pocket, excellent, TTL.

- FL-40 (older): keeps TTL. Same as FL-20.

- FL-36: Anything south of $80 is good

- FL-36R: anything south of $110 is good

- FL-50 : anything south of $125 is good.

- FL-50R: Anything south of $170 is good.

- SRF-11 (Ring): Seen new at $350, refurb for $200, used is $250 and south, fair price would be $200 and south

- SRF-22 (dual macro flash): Too little data, but I would expect anything south of $350 to be good.

Note: prices above are for flash AND controller. Controller alone can be found for $100 used.

- Flash Battery pack: No data. Too few available for sale to make a trend.

- Powered flash bracket (FP-1 something ?): $250 new. Seen at $175 used, but it's all really depending on needs. Too few available for sale.

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