Photographer faces law suit

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This is all so avoidable.

timo wrote:

I can understand why some people might be a bit irritated by the lawsuit, but do you think the photographer would have been justified in refusing to cover a wedding because the couple was black? The answer is obviously no. So.

Gay activists can be a strident pain, and no doubt this couple are having a whale of a time proving their point. But the photographer was behaving like an idiot. And is no doubt also having a whale of a time trying to prove a point.

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The photographers, the christian bakers in Oregon and Texas could all avoid the lawsuits and the BS with one simple change to their business model. A catalog. I suppose I can see that two years ago they might not have figured gay rights would trounce religious rights but the minute the first test case hit the news it was plain to see which way the wind was blowing.

A catalog specifying what style photos you take with what subjects,  what cakes you cook with what decorations and what  styles/ decorations you offer for your cookies eliminates any conflict, keeps you legal, and keeps you in business. The Chinese have done it for years. NO SUBSTITUTIONS.  If lesbos want a lesbos themed cake they will have a choice of buying  yours and changing it themselves or buying someone else's who provides custom baked goods.  If the local gay authority wants rainbow sprinkled cookies they can sprinkle them themselves because you don't do custom and you do not offer  rainbow sprinkled sugar cookies in the catalog.

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