can't believe my 5R has lost almost half value in 7 months

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Re: Surprising...

marike6 wrote:

Some cameras lose value faster than others, but Sony NEX cameras (until recently I guess) generally hold their value well.

But the fact the NEX-5R / 18-55 kit is $499 at a reputable shop like B&H is crazy to me, considering that when the NEX-3N came out, I purchased the 3N kit from them for the exact same $499 that the far better 5R is now selling at.

They do hold their value well.  Used 5N's sell for more than new one's did at their final clearance price.

I don't know why this is surprising.  This isn't natural price destruction, it's a clearance that Sony initiated.  They do it every year.  They did it for the NEX 3/5.  They did it for the C3/5N.  Now they are doing it for the 5R.  You can set your clock by it.

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