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Re: Birds - a productive week

Hi Justin,

thanks for the comments.

zackiedawg wrote:

Very good job on the hummingbirds Michael - I know EXACTLY what you mean! The only hummingbirds I ever encounter are fully in the wild and not at any feeders, so they're tremendously difficult to get a good angle and also have the sun be in the right place too!

In my specific case perhaps not so difficult because it's a spot which I know now for years. I know when these bushes flower. I know when the sun is rising sufficiently above the surrounding trees of the Atlantic Rainforest and I have spent there already several years trying to take some nice shots of those fascinating birds with always improved gear. All it needs is a clear sunny day in the right timeframe and a day off my work (since weekend isn't a real option because the place which is inside a recreation park gets too crowed).

Love that lapwing too - would love to see one of those.

Those lapwings are funny sometimes. As fugitive and almost agressive they can get sometimes as curious and not at all afraid by my presence they can be. They maintain a certain distance from me (simply sitting on the ground) and sometimes get really close and the fact I'm using flash doesn't bother them at all. For some few shots I had to switch the A99 to FF because the birds came that close that it was possible to get a frame filling FF shot.

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