DSLR Newbie Guidance - First Flash

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Re: DSLR Newbie Guidance - First Flash

Klaus dk wrote:

If you are going to work only outdoors in the sun, perhaps a scrim and a reflector is what you need?
What is the matter with your D3200 (... apart from not being a Canon:-))? Most people consider it a good camera AFAIK.

I'm mostly entry level hobbyist at this point - so I could be working inside, but for this shoot = senior pictures (luckily family) which they want outside on a bright day (I'm aiming for the morning/later afternoon). I thought about a scrim/reflector, which I'll still get to practice bouncing - though I don't have an assistant to hold (can you use a stand?). I might also be using a longer lens: 70-200 2.8, though I'm still experimenting - might go with a fixed prime lens.  I also have yet to purchase a flash - any recommendations?

Nikon D3200 is great, which I may have to settle with for now (this shoot), though it's missing some more of the features i'm looking for such as the shutter speed capability to 1/8000, commander mode, CLS Supported, among other small things such as 100% frame coverage and a lot more focus points (39 versus 11 on D3200). The reason why I'm aiming for HSS is specifically for the Bokeh background effect in the sun, so I need to have a large aperture (capable of opening up to 1.8-2.8).  I don't want the background to be blown out, nor do I want my subject to be dark.

Nikon D3200 was great because of the MP's and my lens budget...I was able to crop and still keep sharpness/crisp images. It's a small lightweight camera. I just need a tad bit more that I can grow a little in.

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