DSLR Newbie Guidance - First Flash

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DSLR Newbie Guidance - First Flash

I put my thread/question in the wrong area, so I’ve moved it. Here is my previous thread:


Quick Summary: Last year I knew nothing about DSLR’s in general and I cornered myself into starting off with the newly released Nikon D3200 Kit, which at the time I thought newest = greatest and the greater the MP the better…. which is not the case in this field. I would have been better off with an older body and better lens. Long story short, I’m just getting into flash photography and want to be able to do on/off camera flash.

Here’s what I have:

· Nikon D3200

· Kit Lens 18-55MM

· Own 35MM 1.8 Nikkor

· Can borrow an array of lenses (professional/prime).

Here is what I’m looking for:

· A Flash Unit- I’d like to do off camera flash AFP (HSS) outdoors in the sun (Need to go above 1/200’s) mostly for portraits.

· I can only afford the very bare minimum/basics – budget ~ 250$.

Here’s what I’ve narrowed down to:

· Camera: I’m thinking of trying to sell most of what I got to put towards Nikon D7000 (Used/Body only).

· Flash: Yongnuo YN568EX – Cheap/affordable and supports HSS.

· Diffusing Umbrella: Shoot-through – white (Brand unknown at this point)

· Umbrella Swivel: I’m sure I can find one of these on ebay.

· Trigger/Sync Kit – Do I need these, or can I use my camera built-in flash/commander features and still have off-camera AFP/HSS?

· Light Stand – Something that is compact, durable, though cheap (in price).

To conclude, can someone please help with a basic AFP/HSS or alternative setup to get portraits in the sun with one flash (not counting the built in camera flash)?

Please use basic terminology/explanations/links to products if possible (I’m still new).

Thank You,

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