V1 not the only camera to loose value. NEX 5R lost 1/2 its value in 7 months.

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Camera Market 2013: Bright Future for System Cameras at least for...

A quote from this source they also show at the bottom a photo-gallery of probably the most common 25 system cams !

Camera Market 2013: Bright Future for System Cameras

The German camera market is good since 2013, the first assessment of the Photographic Industry Association. Just the sales figures for system cameras increasing in this country. Internationally, however, looks quite different.

The Photographic Industry Association has issued an initial assessment for the year 2013. Accordingly, the German camera market take a leading position in the European comparison, but the declines in the other European states he could not compensate for.

This sends the advocacy of the photo industry first forecasts for the full year 2013 out: So in this country are about 270,000 mirrorless system cameras to find a new owner. , 2012 There were 200,000 units . In the SLR, the association expects an approach of 1.1 million shares (previous year 1.05 million). The forecasts are anything but positive for the compact market. Here the Photographic Industry Association expects a decline of 23 percent to 4.7 million compact remote. 2012 emigrated after all, still 6.11 million snapping over the counters.

International figures show: Even under pressure system cameras

Internationally the figures are more dramatic. The latest market data of the Japanese Association of interest in the photo industry show that the resident manufacturer from January to June 2013 have shipped nearly 30 million digital cameras. In the same period there were just over 50 million. The decline is not just solely on the account of the compact. The cameras with interchangeable lenses press the numbers.

Thus, the Japanese camera manufacturer from January to June 2013, some 7.5 million have system cameras (with and without a mirror) shipped in the same period last year they came to over 9 million. To Europe about 2 million cameras went away in the first half with interchangeable lenses, in the same period earlier it was almost exactly 3 million devices.

The manufacturers figures show the downward trend in the camera market, which do not stop at the system cameras. According to a new forecast, for example, Nikon will sell in the current fiscal year only about 6.5 million cameras with interchangeable lenses. Last year there were nearly 7 million system cameras (with and without a mirror). The majority of this decline by going back on the Nikon 1 system that the manufacturer now wants to reconsider. And also to Olympus in the first quarter of 2013 models sold considerably less than the PEN series have expected.

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