can't believe my 5R has lost almost half value in 7 months

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Re: 7 months *is* unusual for a Sony camera

marike6 wrote:

It does seem unusual that any Sony camera would drop so significantly in price in such a short time.

The RX-100, for example, hasn't dropped at all in price (it's still 650 USD) and version two has already shipped. The NEX-7 did not drop in price after all this time.

AFAIK, The NEX-5N remained at full price for it's entire lifespan. I was waiting for it's price to drop to snap one up, and that never happened.

So knowing that Sony rarely, if ever, reduces prices on their cameras, why do you guys think the NEX-5R price dropped so quickly?

What made the NEX-5R different for the above models that still are selling at full price?

Maybe the Nex 6 is the answer. For many the Nex 6, with a mode dial and build in EVF is the best mirrorless on the market. So maybe that camera shot Sony in the foot?

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