70-400 II produce worst images than version I?

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Re: Real test shots and review of 70-400 II lens!

linzdoctor7d wrote:

I trust this reviewer opinion over that dude on your you tube link any day since he does have real images to compare and not captures from a video! Hope you enjoy them sharp images in Gustav's review!


Above G2 link's samples look sharp. The same as those in the OP video review. But the question stills remain unanswered.  Are they sharper than slow focusing G1? And so far, I haven't seen any relevant set of comparative samples to solve that question. And the few comparative samples available, as those in the OP video, shows that G1 produce sharper images than G2.

Maybe Sony wanted to show such a faster AF in new G2 that they sacrificed fine-tuned (sharpness) AF to obtain it?


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