The nikon D5100 (as seen by a D40 shooter)

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Re: The nikon D5100 (as seen by a D40 shooter)

Kaushik Ghose wrote:

thygocanberra wrote:

thanks for posting your impressions.

Was the D3200 in your considerations at all? How have you found the button layout compared to the D40?


There was no good reason why I did not consider the D3200. I believe I looked into the D3100 at the same time I was looking at the D5100 (a few years ago) and decided that it was missing some important features. I think I did not consider the D3200 because I clubbed it with the D3100. I see that currently on Cameta the D3200 refurb costs just a little more than the D5100 refurb.

I find the controls about the same as that for the D40. I really would have liked a second function button, but I make do If you are refering to the shift in the rear panel buttons, I did have to learn the new layout, but it has been no biggie.



Thanks, yes I was wondering about the rear layout. I have a D60 and have now grown to like the rear button layout. You obviously didn't have a problem adapting. I actually like the Fn button set to ISO on my D60.

I later acquired a D90 and it has some great features but I find I prefer the smaller body size. I am just an ameteur family snapper. What I would like in a D3xxx or D5xxxx upgrade would be:
 see/change ISO in the viewfinder, better high ISO performance, better AF (not points but speed, D90 is snappier that D60), 920K screen, wireless remote (terrible omission from 3100)

Handled both 5100 and 3200 and like the 3200 in the hand but not sold on 24 MP (and I doubt I'll ever have anything but consumer lenses)  and the 5100 has 1/3 EV ISO increments. I thought bracketing would be important to me but I haven't really used it much.

video no great interest (though my son would probably use it) and not sure about the swivel screen on 5100

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