D600: wait until Nikon fix sensor-dust & black-border issues

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Re: D600: wait until Nikon fix sensor-dust & black-border issues

Antony John wrote:

bbarb wrote:

Unfortunately i got a d600...

Yes, for you.

Anyway, to the point,

So quite simply they cant do nothing.

Which is good news!

Now having seen the nikon experts beeing unable to spot the spots i strongly beleieve that all d600 have spots, but not all users are able to see them.

There are a number of experienced people around here that can see spots if they're there - and they report that they're not.

Friendly advice to all: Stay away from this camera until nikon officialy do something, unless you shoot 2.8-5-6 only.

If nikon officialy fix this issue, then hands down jump on this camer because its really a masterpiece.

Regarding to learn to clean my sensor my self, i consider it 100% rediclus solution and we must never accept that as solution it is not a profesional approach.

I find that outside of a clean room one does need to clean one's equipment.

The reason is very simple, i do travel photography and i do stock. When i visit a place i get in one day from 1000-2500 images and 95% of them f11-f16 with blue sky. So ok i will have the first 2-3-4-5 hundred clean images, and then??? the rest 1000 images, who is going to spot remove them??? the overall editing i do on images requires about 20-30 min, in order to remove the 30-40 spots i will need addtional 5-10 minutes per image!

Reduce your photo count. Spend time on composition then you can drop your shutter count and obviously you'll get less spots.

Why?? because of nikon?? No way. shame on them.

They do not respect us. unacceptable from nikon unacceptable

I dont care if its nikon or canon or sony or who else we pay the cameras and they should all work flawlessly. We are photographers not technicians.

You should do a web search on dirty sensors, you might find that Nikon (or the D600) is not the worst offender. Also please read lens rentals who don't share your view that the D600 is a disaster.

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Hi AJ,

Thanks for the reply, but seriously regarding this comment of yours:

''Reduce your photo count. Spend time on composition then you can drop your shutter count and obviously you'll get less spots.''

Is it a joke or a real advice you came up with?

I used to work with 5D Mark II, 5d,50d (2 bodies) and now i work with 50d,D600 and D800E and i never - ever- had such problems.

Reducing your shoots to reduce your sensor spots is unaccpetable solution and for sure not a pro one. Not to mention that you reduce your potential.

At least I thank nikon for, acknowledging the problem as a major one, that makes the camera useless, and they didnt even suggest such ideas or cures to me.

Cleaning the equipment, is and should be a part of maintenance of the equipment and not an every day preperation for shooting.

Preperation for shooting is charging the battery.

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