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Re: Amazon / DPReview Can't Erase

pcassel wrote:

The Internet is cached. Even if DPReview would stupidly agree to remove your previous posts, they'd exist in the cache through eternity.

As to this 'great physical danger' you really don't expect us to buy into that silliness? I mean, do you mean you are a Sony fanboi and now need to walk past the Nikon plant daily?

I am smiling at your fantods.

Well the country in question i resided in when first posting this was the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In KSA there are still monthly public beheadings (yes, by sword) for things such as witchcraft, homosexuality and distribution of alcohol. Lesser crimes are punished with lashings. Go ahead and google things like "chop chop square" if you do not believe me. My charitable work also took me to a number of african countries with similar practices.

Although the risk is theoretical, my posts from 2003 do include support for gay marriage, secular society, the state of israel and liberalism regarding drugs and alcohol. Now my first visa-application to KSA was delayed for me being an atheist, and all applications of people who have been to israel with the same passport are rejected. Are you still sure there is no risk of harm for me from my posts?

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