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If that is what you do Gary

seilerbird666 wrote:

Gary Eickmeier wrote:

Some of these wedding shooters shoot 2000 images that they then have to go through and process afterwards. Think about it.

Ok, I thought about it. So what. It would take me an hour to go through and process 2000 images afterwards. That is much better than having a shot ruined by in camera jpg processing. You can't go backwards, think about it.

I have thought about it, and I think if that is how you "process" wedding photos then you are not doing them justice. I make fine adjustments to each and every picture I take. That can't be done by Process Multiple Files.

You must be charging a fortune, let's say you take your 2000 down to half that and then spend 3 minutes a photo editing maybe... That's now 3000 minutes or 50 hours of processing - so that's a whole working week with overtime, once you factor in seeing the couple, print management, album design your probably up to 2 weeks work before you've even thought about how to do any marketing, accounts or general running of the business (add another week for the other 1000 images or taking 6 minutes per image).

So you very quickly get to the point I described earlier where you have a standard way of processing and you shoot to process that way for any event.

On product shoots in particular I shoot about 700 shots of 50 or 60 products in a day and give the client 3 per product (from different angles) within 2 days - default processing on those is to make a standard profile for the shoot and apply that and the white balance settings to the whole shoot in Lightroom - you can't do that to jpegs.

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