Nikon V1 vs. Sony RX100 ...thoughts and sample photos

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Re: Nikon V1 is dead

echorower wrote:

So the RX100 II offered a optional viewfinder and tilt screen for $1200 as an upgrade for those of us that spent $650 for the RX100. I decided to buy a new Nikon V1 for $399 (which has a great viewfinder), as an upgrade so I could have more telephoto (80-300) with a similar sensor. The V1 superiors great overall image quality and handling that I now have the V1 with four new lenses for $900. Just sold the RX100 for $500!

Yes, the RX100 is much more pocketable and, wow, can you crop those 20MB images with impunity but the V1 has been a pleasure to use. Granted, a lot of folks choose the RX100 as a companion to a DSLR, whereas, I was trying to use it as my only camera (Having had multi-lens DSLR and 4/3 set ups before).

Just one persons choice from a old retired guy with not as much money as he once had! Haha

The V1 is a good camera especially at the bargain basement prices but you are really talking apples and oranges.  Once you open the door to the size of the V1 the possibilities start to multiply quickly -- m4/3, Fuji X, NEX, etc.  The size and performance of the 30-110 lens is nice though.

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