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Re: FZ200 Maximum Desirable F-Number to achieve adequate "Sharpness"

Detail Man wrote:

On a pure pixel-pitch level, one might thing that the FZ50 image-sensor (with ~ 2 Micron photosites) might (possibly, for that reason) fare better than the smaller image-sensors models (with ~ 1.5 Micron photosites).

However, I would think that such inter-channel "crosstalk" probably also is very much related specific photodetector placement geometries (and micro-lenses, if present along with the unique to each image-sensor's "filter stack") - and becomes harder to avoid as photosite sizes shrink.

Thanks DM. I think that would seem to be the case, judging from some recent results that Jimmy kindly sent me from tests he carried out on a DSLR with large pixels compared with his FZ50.

In those tests the poor resolution and colour spreading for certain coloured Es such as yellow appeared to be far less for the DSLR.


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