Starter studio lighting set, Elinchrom or Walimex?

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Re: Starter studio lighting set, Elinchrom or Walimex?

Dimitris Servis wrote:

Hi Sailor Blue

I am surprised about the Skyport though, I;ve read good things about it and is actually the main competitive advantage for me.

The problems I have seen reported have to do with the receiver or light overheating so that the RF trigger becomes unreliable.  Apparently it is the receiver overheating and quiting since you can still trigger the flash manually.

Regarding power, I thought that for a 3mx4m area, lights standing outside, 200Ws and 1/1-1/16 would give me more options for portraits (maybe not full scale) than the 400Ws that might be too much. Maybe I am wrong, I am not sure. That's why I thought the Walimex 1/1-1/32 is a good alternative.

With 300Ws I can just reach f/11 at ISO 100 with a 40"x40" softbox at about 6'-7' from the subject.  To use a 4'x6' softbox I would want 600 Ws of power.  150Ws-200Ws is generally enough for accent/hair lights or background lights but the added cost of 300Ws isn't much so it is simply better to buy all the same lights so you have backups should one of your main or fill lights fail.

If you like to shoot with small diffusers, like a 24"x24" softbox, with a narrow depth of field portraits, or small products then you want to be sure you can lower the power enough.  That is why a minimum of 5 stops of power adjustment is necessary.  If you do this all the time then 150Ws to 200Ws lights are sufficient.

Regarding quality: you just cannot know. Maybe Walimex's are good enough, maybe not. All reviews that I find for all kinds of flashes seem biased and/or paid to me. If I had the chance I would buy AlienBees as they seem to be the most honest proposal. But no such luck in Europe....

Knowing quality is always a problem and even with the best quality sometimes a bad unit will slip past the checks.  That is why customer service and product service is important.  In the US Elinchrom doesn't have a very good reputation but I have no idea of what their reputation is in Europe.

Whatever you wind up buying I hope you will be satisfied and enjoy using your lights.

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