60D still a worthy purchase or wait for a 70D?

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Re: 60D still a worthy purchase or wait for a 70D?

eltocliousus wrote:

After selling my OM-D and getting a 550D, the 550D feels very plasticy and the build quality just isn't as good as I'd hoped, I've been thinking of getting the 60D as it's not much more expensive (£450 body only used!) and I can grab a 18-50mm f2.8 Sigma as my walk-around general lens, the 60D does everything that I seemingly want, top-class video with magic lantern and a fast SD card, build quality is said to be miles ahead of the 550-650D cameras (however still not as good as the 7D and other top-fier/flagships) aswell as having other advantages such as the 1/8000 shutter, professional looking (but it does seem a little redundant) top display, tilty/flippy screen aswell as the battery advantages and being much easier to hold.

My only worry is the 60D is going to be outdated very soon, I use a 2560x1600 monitor and have been hoping for a higher than 1080p recording camera for a while now, but I really doubt the 70D will have that and I'm looking to upgrade as soon as possible having just sold the 550D, do you think the new 70D which is surely coming out this year (photokina anyone?) will blow away the 60D in terms of features/specifications, or do you think it'll have a couple more megapixels and C-AF which I'm not bothered about?

Any responses are apprecited, all the best.

70D is most worth it. I owned the Canon 7D, Nikon D7000, Canon 60D. The touch focus is great smooth focus and the 60D's swivel screen. The zoom x feature during live view kinda sucks, seems blurred and Magic Lantern may take awhile for their updated magic. I used ML on the 60D and it was great. My 60D was my last camera which was stolen from my vehicle a few months back. So yes get the 70D.

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