can't believe my 5R has lost almost half value in 7 months

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If it's in your hands, the tech is already outdated

Cailean Gallimore wrote:

The real question is whether or not the camera was worth what you paid for it. You must have thought it was, because you bought it. It is still the camera you bought, so nobody has cheated you or diminished it's value.

I have a NEX-6 and a NEX-7. Until a month ago, I also had a C3, but it wasn't getting used, so I gave it to a friend. He was delighted.

Not everything is about money.

I totally agree that it's a matter of value derived from your camera. The resale value is what OTHERS think of a camera. The latter is of little importance to me.

The 5T, heck even the 5R, isn't for upgraders from a prior model. Why shouldn't a new customer have the latest features? New camera models every year are not a problem. It's normal in the consumer electronics world.

Due to flood-related delays, I didn't get my day-1 preorder NEX-7 until March 2012. Just six months later, Sony released the NEX-6 with most of the same features, plus a few superior ones, at a lower price. Didn't bother me. Glad Sony's didn't artificially gimp the NEX-6 to assuage the egos of early NEX-7 adopters. Progress happens.

So now the NEX-5R is cheaper brand new. Good. Maybe more people can get their hands on it. More customers for e-mount lenses, more money for Sony to pour into the imaging business.

I understand there's a feeling of perceived loss with rapid depreciation. I just don't share OP's opinion.

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