can't believe my 5R has lost almost half value in 7 months

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Re: can't believe my 5R has lost almost half value in 7 months

Mel Snyder wrote:

sportyaccordy wrote:

This is why you wait. I want a NEX 6 but I am waiting until they get down to under $400 for the body. Only a matter of time as I'm sure Sony will release another camera with a built in EVF

And in the meantime, you will lose the fun of shooting one of the most fabulous cameras introduced in years.

The NEX-6 was introduced almost exactly a year ago. Had you purchased it then, and put a dollar in the bank every day since then, it would have cost $400 - and you would have had the joy of using this great camera all 365 days. And the next 365 days. There is no certainty that the NEX-6 be at $400 a year from now, no matter what Sony introduces. They're concentrating on the dSLR looking camera market now.

There's no freaking way I would not spend a dollar a day for 2 years to reconcile the price I paid for this great image-making machine.

Not sure I follow your logic- $748 + 365 != $400, it is $1103....

And I know the 6 is a great camera, I want one. But not enough to go through the hassle of selling my C3 for one.

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