GH3 low light indoor acrobatic show

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Re: GH3 low light indoor acrobatic show

!Mein Gott! fellow, you're really swimming upstream and onto the rocks here! First, you have no idea what my monitor shows, do you, except that I told you I see only shades of grey in the shirt with some detail, where you tell me you see white blown out - which is 255/255/255 in my book. And measuring the numbers confirm that this is not the case, and the grey is not uniform, with some gradation shown.

I've selected all of the shirt, as well as the shirt of the woman to check the histogram, which shows a very low percentage of blown pixels, with 99% falling below 248 - ninety-nine%! Now if you've adjusted you monitor so that these areas look white to you, rather than shades of grey, you've got a problem, and no way could you see level 254 - or even 244 (if Lagom went down that far). Can't have it both ways, old bean.

So you pull the backward logic obfuscation that all was blown, but has been obscured by either reducing the levels output white point or manipulating the highlight slider in LR/ACR, which will, of course eventually reduce the levels of totally blown pixels to a featureless light grey -which his isn't. At any rate, the fact that overbright areas have been dimmed a bit seems to exercise you greatly.

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