can't believe my 5R has lost almost half value in 7 months

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Some cameras lose value faster than others, but Sony NEX cameras (until recently I guess) generally hold their value well.

But the fact the NEX-5R / 18-55 kit is $499 at a reputable shop like B&H is crazy to me, considering that when the NEX-3N came out, I purchased the 3N kit from them for the exact same $499 that the far better 5R is now selling at.

I did not get on well at all with the 3N.  Because of the lower res LCD and the rather mediocre 16-50 PZ, I lasted three weeks with the NEX-3N before listing it one Ebay.  But I have always wanted a NEX-5N or R, but the near $800 seemed to always put the brakes on my plans for a NEX-5R.

Now I'm thinking, NEX-5R body and CZ 16-70 f4 would make a terrific second camera.  And the money saved on the NEX-5R, could offset the price of the zoom.  And rest assured, that the CZ 16-70 f4 is one piece of kit that will never lose value so dramatically.

Anyway,  I'm sorry you are feeling bummed out about your camera, but if it's performing satisfactorily, I wouldn't worry about it.  At least the lens that came with it will never depreciate too much which is one reason people always say to invest in glass, not bodies.

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