can't believe my 5R has lost almost half value in 7 months

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Re: can't believe my 5R has lost almost half value in 7 months

parallaxproblem wrote:

Sir Punk wrote:

I have been reading a bit the news on nex rumors and I happened to noticed a post about the 5R being sold for $429

I bought my 5R at the end of January for $700 and now it's probably worth $300 on the used market. I know how much technology depreciates but also my experience with other expensive digital cameras I have owned (one example to LX3) was that the value wouldn't go down so sharply. Not even a year has gone by.

This makes me reconsider Sony for my next purchase of a digital camera with such short product life.

What are people thoughts on this matter? I am quite upset about it. I always sell my gear and reinvest that money to buy new one but this 5R is going to be quite a financial loss.

The 5T launch really is a mystery... if there is a firmware upgrade in the 5T then Sony clearly aren't going to share it (otherwise the recent firmware release would have been better), which wil (or at least should)l annoy existing 5R owners

The 5T itself offers no real upgrade over the 5R (except maybe firmware) but effectively devalues the camera that 5R owners have in exactly the way you mention

Therefore Sony is deliberately annoying existing owners with the release of this product, without offering any benefits to new customers with this latest model. At the same time it is more than two years since the NEX-7 was released and there is still no sign of a successor, unless the A7000 is planned to replace it... so NEX-7 owners are frustrated by a lack of progress in their sector

Expecting not to lose on Electronics purchases is being rather 'optimistic' (one might say delusional) but previous NEX releases each 12 months have offered real changes to spec (5->5N->5R). The 5T offers nothing and just creates issues. Very poor on Sony's part

I think we can conclude that Sony cares little for their existing customers and is now out and actively searching for new and different ones. This is a foolish strategy

Digital cameras are maturing as a product, advances still happen but it is getting harder to make a "big hit".  Consequently smart users are going to have to decide the point at which the camera they buy is good enough to keep and use for a while.  When that point becomes endemic for the majority then camera manufacturers have a problem, espeiclly those that have built their brand on high volume.  What might be next?  More lenses, a bit like collecting golf clubs I suppose.

So we get a new "cheap" camera a year in a mobile phone or a capable of everything low volume high quality camera and stack it with accessories and lenses?  Back to the future?  Mobile phones tend to restrict the other traditional alternative - ultra cheaply made but quite powerful little fashion boxes.  Something like those impossible-zoom bridge cameras?  Specifications designed to pop eyes and worn out before the new chromed tail fins of the next model hit the electronic goods store?  Marketing takes over when advances in technology starts to fail.

So Sony sell a confusingly numbered range of NEX cameras designed for whatever niche can be found.  Like Walkmans they are good products but the innocent in store will have to either buy on price and get the cheapest or hope that the premium model is worth the extra money.

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