Oh no ! Not another Iridient Developper test !

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Re: Oh no ! Not another Iridient Developper test !

Travelshooter wrote:

Hmmm... I was under the impression from previous threads that ID in fact sharpened raws even at default zero.

In LR you have 3 sliders that affect sharpening. If you spend some time working with all 3 and getting a preset done LR does a better job than NIK's sharpener. It's in the settings.

I spent many hours comparing and attempting to match ID's results in LR5 without success. Resolution, lack of smearing, lack of CA, color accuracy, lack of "parquet effect", etc...all consistently better with ID than LR5. C1P7 is a close in performance, but a lot more $$. Aperture is significantly better than LR5 as well. I think it's worth noting, there are several bloggers who also attempted to match ID's IQ with LR5 and they too failed. Seeing is believing and it ain't just me.

That said, LR5's (ACR) sharpening was particularly problematic with X trans files in my testing. Adobe keeps getting better with the x trans files, as it was atrociously bad, but still has a way to go.

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