can't believe my 5R has lost almost half value in 7 months

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Re: can't believe my 5R has lost almost half value in 7 months

Mel Snyder wrote:

hyenadog wrote:

Mel Snyder wrote:

I have been reading a bit the news on nex rumors and I happened to noticed a post about the 5R being sold for $429

I bought my 5R at the end of January for $700 and now it's probably worth $300 on the used market. I know how much technology depreciates but also my experience with other expensive digital cameras I have owned (one example to LX3) was that the value wouldn't go down so sharply. Not even a year has gone by.

This makes me reconsider Sony for my next purchase of a digital camera with such short product life.

What are people thoughts on this matter? I am quite upset about it. I always sell my gear and reinvest that money to buy new one but this 5R is going to be quite a financial loss.

If you bought the camera with resale in mind, you made a big mistake. Not even digital Leicas hold value a year out any more.

Has its imaging degraded 50%? Do you notice that the images you made in January are now fading?

Or are you really bummed out that you can't sell the camera very easily to some unsuspecting newbie for close to what you paid for it?

Craig's List here in Boston is filled with people trying to make their current and now-aging NEX models sound like cutting edge.

No NEX-6s. No NEX-7s. Just 3s and 5s. What does that tell you about what any camera without a viewfinder is worth used? You don't even find used 6s and 7s much on eBay.

Technology is turning over rapidly. Some iPad owners are similarly angered by Apple for coming out with new models faster than one per year. But you know who are least angry? The ones who bought 32gb and 64gb ones. And those who never bought them with the idea of stiffing a newbie.

The forum is full of posters who want more and Sony is responding. What they sold in January still works fine. And likely will for 10 years or more.

And yes, I own a iPad 3 64gb, ordered on the announcement day, and it works perfectly today. And my 2010 MacBook Pro, several versions back, works perfectly, too. In fact, my son-in-law uses my iPad 1 every day as a presentation device in his architectural business.


the complexity here :

NEX (and mirrorless in general) sells nothing in the USA hence the NEXinaDSLR skin so probably craigs list is not a good base for NEX resale prices in general

in the UK (NEX sells well) for example there has been little decrease in 5R/3N new street price (which are big sellers)

I have a Nikon dslr/lenses and I got a 5R (without viewfinder) and had zero interest in a viewfinder after I tested how bright and clear the screen was in bright sunlight (in sunny screen option) - in a camera this size I love to shoot from the hip video or medium format style ;-)) .. one of the reasons i like the 5R so much

So i would challenge the "noone wants one with a viewfinder" .. i think the issue is more of the 6 and 7 sell so few that they are a rarity and that keeps their price up .. a bit like E mount lenses - noone buys them so the prices stay up

Excellent points. I concede on viewfinders.

I tend to see the issue through American eyes, which are now tired of looking at ground glass or any electronic equivalents (too many years of shooting twin-lens reflex!) I wanted an EVF version of my old M4P, and Sony delivered one.

Usually, however, low demand = dropping prices. Like what you call petrol.

Also the peculiarity of VAT in the EEC would tend to keep new prices higher than the US anyway therefore there is more price-room for second hand gear to manoeuvre in.  Furthermore the bright light condtions in Australia make an evf more useful and probably in most of the USA as well.  Of course big vehicles have more room for dslr kit (grin).

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