can't believe my 5R has lost almost half value in 7 months

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Accountants call it "depreciation" vendors call it "run out sale"

Sir Punk wrote:

I have been reading a bit the news on nex rumors and I happened to noticed a post about the 5R being sold for $429

I bought my 5R at the end of January for $700 and now it's probably worth $300 on the used market. I know how much technology depreciates but also my experience with other expensive digital cameras I have owned (one example to LX3) was that the value wouldn't go down so sharply. Not even a year has gone by.

This makes me reconsider Sony for my next purchase of a digital camera with such short product life.

What are people thoughts on this matter? I am quite upset about it. I always sell my gear and reinvest that money to buy new one but this 5R is going to be quite a financial loss.

Buy well, keep and use until it breaks, you could get another 10 years use from it, if it takes great pictures now it will keep taking the same pictures whilst it is still working. If it loses $400 in six months then over the next ten years it will only loose $30 per year, seems good value to me. The smart guy is the one that buys it off you for $300, a perfectly good camera that will take quite a while to lose the rest of its value. Mmmm why not buy a second hand something else six months old that has lost most of its value. Must be better than buying a new one (grin). Even Leicas lose value, maybe buy a second hand M9? Someone will take a big hit to sell it.

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