kodak dcs pro sensor filter, Schott S8612, the revenge.

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kodak dcs pro sensor filter, Schott S8612, the revenge.

Hi all,

although this matter has been richly discussed, I would like now to give another contribute since I got some further success.

Recently I bought another srln as spare parts with a good imager but a bit spotted filter so since I previous got two new filters and used only one i plan to make a new try to unglue the filter from the "new"sensor.

I kept it soaking in epoxy solvent (commonly used for paint) in the way shown in the thread


the solvent must cover only the edges of the filter upside down , every day I took out for scratch all around the glue very carefully a tiny bit of glue twice a day, only that soft, with a rasor blade from a plastic disposable one and restoring the level of a solvent.

you can see the blade, the thiny flat strip is what remained from the glue, you can also see one small spot defect on the filter in the left side.

The sensor was laid in the solvent four days long, at the end I saw the glass detached on the bottom of the glass jar togheter with the rest of the glue.

To scratch the glue was easier on three side but on one side the thickness of the glue was so small that although my care I took away a chip of glass, fortunately was not enough to break the glass.

The glue was completely melted when the solvent went inside to attached it after achieved a breach, this point is very critic because you have to pay attention not to bend the glass with the blade excessively.

In my experience the surface of the imager did never suffer to be wet from the solvent, although I have done of my best to preserve it, after that I cleaned it with pec-pad and isopropyl alcohol.

So now I am ready to substitute the glass with the new one on the clean imager.

You can find more news here


and here


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