What a disappointing situation with the 17mm lens! Why?

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Re: False Dichotomy

GiggliG wrote:

texinwien wrote:

GiggliG wrote:

texinwien wrote:

I consider it very similar to raising the white flag.

I feel exactly the same way about nitpicking somebody's use of quotation marks, writing a novel about exempli gratia when a sentence would suffice, lecturing (rather than merely distinguishing) on subject vs. object, referring to yourself as someone's intellectual superior, indirectly calling another person an imbecile, inter alia.

Those behaviors are also the white flags when it comes to garnering respect and being taken seriously. Reflect on that.

It's possible to have a polite, rational discussion without constantly asserting your ego.

It's rich that someone who resorted to haughty ad hominem out of the gate, only to fall back on their list of titles almost immediately after entering into the fray is lecturing me on the possibility of polite, rational discussion without the need to constantly assert one's ego. I'm sure you see the irony there. I'm certainly enjoying it.

Considering that I never engaged your actual arguments about lenses, and in fact agree with many of them, my statements about your behavior, in the relevant context, are not logically ad hominems. They stand on their own. I could insert a snarky comment here about you misunderstanding logical fallacies, but then I would be playing your game.

Good choice, refraining from said snarky comment. You've done nothing but offer arguments 'against the man' in your exchanges with me. At least this way you avoid the ignominy of being wrong in addition to having nothing more than personal attacks that stoop to the exact same sorts of behavior they decry, then falling back on your titles immediately.

Poor showing, really. I'm surprised you've stuck around.

I lectured you on being polite.

You impolitely lectured me on being polite. You asserted your ego, then admonished me for (allegedly) asserting mine. Bravo. This is my golf clap.

You effectively lectured other people on how they are idiots.

I disagree.

I see a distinction, I'm sorry for you if you don't.

I see a distinction between those two things as well, but I disagree with your interpretation of my words and actions. Thanks for your concern, however.

You, as a solicitor and barrister, of all people, should understand the value of being specific, exact and correct in one's choice of words, especially when discussing technical minutiae on a gear forum.

Someone should make another meme for you that says: "If you hold every person to the highest formal linguistic and logical standards... you're going to have a bad time".

Yet again, my standard is not to hold every person to the 'highest formal linguistic and logical standards'. Rather, I hold others to the standard of refraining from using misleading and improper linguistic devices when discussing contentious matters. I hold them to the standard of clearly delineating between statements of fact and opinion, and of offering supporting evidence for statements of fact.

I see a meaningful distinction. I'm sorry for you if you don't.

The problem with your way of interpreting things is that instead of trying to understand the intent and meaning behind something another person has said, you, in your contentiousness, look only at what is typed,

That is simply incorrect, and clearly illustrates your ignorance of the previous discussions that have taken place.

don't make any of the usual interpretive assumptions people make, and nitpick.

Nitpicking is complaining about misplaced apostrophes and misspelled words that have no bearing on the argument. Nitpicking is not calling out the improper and misleading use of linguistic devices in the midst of a contentious argument. Again, the difference is meaningful.

Then you get extremely demanding (e.g. repeating 'provide an example/source' several times),

Yes, I ask for sources when people make unfounded statements that do not seem to be supported by fact. I may even repeatedly ask for such sources, in case my initial requests are ignored.

which just turns off everyone who might engage further with your actual contentions.

I'm not trying to win any popularity contests. I'd prefer to be right and unpopular than wrong and popular. You know, not having to assert my ego and all.

By the way, e.g. literally translates to 'for example'.

Really? You're kidding. Do you think you're being clever here, or what? It's literally "for the sake of example" if you take into account the ablative case of grātiā and the genitive case of exemplī. But what's your point? It implies an incomplete list of supporting examples. A complete list of supporting examples is usually prefaced by 'i.e.'

Shall we discuss that, as well?

Are we interested in discussing facts here, or what? What say you, GiggliG, Esq.?

I'm interested in discussing facts and experiences. So I guess that doesn't really help you.

I'm interested in discussing facts and experience. I am not interested in listening to other people make misleading, unfounded statements as if they were statements of fact. I feel pretty strongly about that, as you may have noticed.

Anyway, hopefully you won't respond too fervently to this post, as I need to do other things on my long weekend in order to avoid incriminating myself via my prior statements.

No fervency here. You're boring me, honestly. You've yet to offer anything approaching a concrete case in support of your contentions, which appear to be mostly about matters of style, and which are coming from a person who's made exactly the same style choices as those s/he is criticizing.

So, you know, credibility isn't something you really have in spades, at the moment.

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