What a disappointing situation with the 17mm lens! Why?

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larsbc wrote:

I don't think switching systems is the option because there is still hope and M43 is the best mirrorless system. Schneider has an AF 14mm f/2 coming, though it is way too expensive and a bit too wide, e.g. it would mean having to get uncomfotably close in street shooting. It is possible Tamron or Sigma might see the opportunity. If everybody just accept what is given to them, or disallow dissenting voices, it would be a bad use of these forums.

People get too offended when some they hear someone critiquing their favourite system. I think Sergey's post made some valid points. Also, now that Olympus has. "PRO" line of lenses, perhaps they will introduce a few classic field of view primes into it.

Panasonic's GX7 looks like manufacturers do keep an eye on what photographers want, either by monitoring forums such as these, conducting focus groups, or through other methods. But these forums do help sway the I opinions of some people who might end up providing the market research that feed the camera/lens makers. So I think it is certainly worthwhile to talk about what we'd like to see produced, especially when the proposedb product is well within reason.

You are right.  It seems there are many unnecessary reactions here.  Do we gather here to make ourselves feel good about our choices irrespective of their merit, or do we share and discuss and by doing so help one another with better choices?  It's up to people how to make use of this forum.

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