can't believe my 5R has lost almost half value in 7 months

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Re: can't believe my 5R has lost almost half value in 7 months

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RobDJW wrote:

The best investment is to buy good lenses, they will keep their value. A camerabody improves every year in this day of technology. Fwiw.

A nice cliché... but lenses are not an investment unless you never sell them and/or make money off the images they produce. I bought a Zeiss 24mm e-mount for $1100 + tax (if applicable) 12 months ago. If I'm lucky, today I could get ~ $825 less fees of ~$80.

Over a 32% / $355 loss in 12 months surely is not an investment. It is just that you do not feel bad/jealous because a better 24mm e-mount lens is not launched every year compelling you either to upgrade at a loss or feel like you are missing out.

The lenses I bought 20 or 30 years ago are fetching much more than I paid for them on eBay.

You have to wait for some inflation to develop.

A good second-hand book priced today at £15 or £20 arrives still with its original price sticker saying £2.50. But a hardback book that was selling well a year ago could be around on Amazon for only a penny. Give it twenty years and most copies will be in landfill - now the price will have shot up.

Not so sure! 30 years ago your lenses was'nt full of electronics. Todays expensive and advanced lenses vill not live for ever due to no support from the manufacturer. For example, Canon can't repair/change AF-motors in older tele lenses.

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