can't believe my 5R has lost almost half value in 7 months

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Re: can't believe my 5R has lost almost half value in 7 months

I think the Nex 6 just has more appeal than the Nex 3/5's. It always looked to me that the previous minimalist Nex bodies were made by an entirely different company to the one that made the lenses and they never communicated with each other at any stage in the design.

I think a lot more people would like a Nex 6 and the price will hold. Not just the viewfinder but the lens camera combination just looks right in a way the previous stuff does not. An unexpected design failure by Sony who are usually pretty good at this.

Nexguy wrote:

sportyaccordy wrote:

This is why you wait. I want a NEX 6 but I am waiting until they get down to under $400 for the body. Only a matter of time as I'm sure Sony will release another camera with a built in EVF

Please let us know when you find a new NEX 6 for under $400. It has been out a year now and the B&H price is $748. You may have a bit longer wait than you think.

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