can't believe my 5R has lost almost half value in 7 months

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Re: can't believe my 5R has lost almost half value in 7 months

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I have been reading a bit the news on nex rumors and I happened to noticed a post about the 5R being sold for $429

I bought my 5R at the end of January for $700 and now it's probably worth $300 on the used market. I know how much technology depreciates but also my experience with other expensive digital cameras I have owned (one example to LX3) was that the value wouldn't go down so sharply. Not even a year has gone by.

This makes me reconsider Sony for my next purchase of a digital camera with such short product life.

What are people thoughts on this matter? I am quite upset about it. I always sell my gear and reinvest that money to buy new one but this 5R is going to be quite a financial loss.

The 5T launch really is a mystery... if there is a firmware upgrade in the 5T then Sony clearly aren't going to share it (otherwise the recent firmware release would have been better), which wil (or at least should)l annoy existing 5R owners

Well the upgrade on the 5t is minimal, but there is a hardware upgrade, the NFC it is called I believe. It is a small update but it is one. Not one that will any user go and update their cameras, but it is one that is nice for someone who buys a new camera and has an other device that shares this option.

And what benefit will this actually give the person who buys it?  Clue... nothing - it's a 'Sony' internal change for internal consumption so that a Product Manager can say to senior management that the phone now supports a feature of the latest Sony Xperia Mobile phone

There's one other change to the 5T: it supports triluminous colour output for video.  This again is of no benefit to the customer, but gives the said Product Manager the possibility to say to senior management that their camera now supports 2013 Bravia televisions (Trilumious was introduced on 2013 Sony LCD TVs)

The 5T itself offers no real upgrade over the 5R (except maybe firmware) but effectively devalues the camera that 5R owners have in exactly the way you mention

Well read what I said above, not only firmware!

Er, I wrote my text first.  I couldn't read what you wrote because you hadn't written it at that time

And the orice of any digital camera is dropping after an half year or year, look at any brand, even when no succcesor cames out.

Please try to pay attention!  Nobody denies that this depreciation occurs, but the point is that the value of the NEX 5R has dropped more than most other cameras would have at the 12-month point, and a major contribution to this is the release of a new version of the camera...  except this 'new version' isn't really a new version at all

I think the 5t is launched to promote that new function Sony (and I believe Samsung) did put in some of their phones.

Actually NFC is in my Nokia 700 Mobile phone (and I have never used it), which was released in August 2011 (and publicised many months before) running the 'obsolete' Symbian OS...  the 5R was released in August 2012, one year later, so could easily have incorporated this function then if it really was so essential (which it isn't)

Therefore Sony is deliberately annoying existing owners with the release of this product, without offering any benefits to new customers with this latest model. At the same time it is more than two years since the NEX-7 was released and there is still no sign of a successor, unless the A7000 is planned to replace it... so NEX-7 owners are frustrated by a lack of progress in their sector

Sorry I'm confused, when the Nex 5t comes out it is to annoy the people and when the Nex 7 does not come with a new camera it is annoying too...

Let me help you to be less confused

If the 5T had actually been a real update, as the 5N was to the 5, and the 5R was to the 5N, then it would *not* be annoying.  What is annoying here is that they launch a 'new camera' which is basically the old one with an NFC chip and maybe a slightly newer video processing chip to support Triluminous levels

The 7 is now over *double* the age of the 5R when it was replaced, and there is still no sign of an upgrade

I wonder how manny people buy a camera that cists over $1000, 00 and buy the succesor just a year later... I own a Nex 5 and it still takes great puctures, I'm only updating when something comes out that is a lot better then the camera I own...

Good for you.  I upgraded to the 5R from my NEX 5 for two reasons:

1. The touchscreen which allows direct selection of focus spot (which it does - excellent!)

2. The promise of being able to download MFNR via an application, which is something I always wanted.  Except I am not allowed to buy or download NEX applications from playmemories in Switzerland.  Basically I was cheated by the publicity on this point

If I had known about the application download issues beforehand then I probably would not have upgraded

By the way, the cameras for the advanced users are always slower with updates then the entry level cameras. So for the Nex7x it is to be expected to come out later.

24 month's+ later?  When the next model down is getting 12 monthly upgrades (even when they aren't)

A bit exaggerated, don't you think?

Expecting not to lose on Electronics purchases is being rather 'optimistic' (one might say delusional) but previous NEX releases each 12 months have offered real changes to spec (5->5N->5R). The 5T offers nothing and just creates issues. Very poor on Sony's part

Well the 5t is not for upgraders from the 5r, but new owners may like the xamera too. Look at Canon with their very poor differences between the old and the new version of their cameras...

None of the Canon upgrades as were as small as the 5R to the 5T

I think we can conclude that Sony cares little for their existing customers and is now out and actively searching for new and different ones. This is a foolish strategy

I think Sony caresm look at the As FW updates they send out for the A700,, the A900,

You are talking to the wrong person - I have an A900!

THERE WAS ONLY EVER ONE FIRMWARE UPGRADE FOR THAT CAMERA AND THAT WAS NOT A VERY COMPREHENSIVE ONE, it improved the AF but it did nothing to fix the awful JPG engine in the A900

The A900 is a fantastic camera and I like it very much but I am literally forced to take all my pictures in RAW with it and Post Process because the JPG engine is so poor at its job.  This is a standard opinion on the A900, and no just me saying 'A900 has problem X': if you do a forum search you will find that this is pretty much accepted by all A900 owners

The A700 got a firmware upgrade which stopped the noise reduction being performed in RAW, this was not because of Sony's 'care' for their customers but because the A700 got absolutely hammered in almost every review because of the way it mainpulated the RAW files (a poor product specification - Sony basically were forced to correct their mistake by the reviewers). Initially Sony lied and said that this noise reduction was performed in hardware and it was not possible to change it, but then by a miracle the noise processing was removed from RAW and the A700 JPG engine got improved in v4 of the firmware...  no such JPG engine improvement was ported-up top the A900 or A850, sadly

Many A900 owners are upset and feel the A900 did not get the firmware support it should have, after seeing the changes which were possible to the A700.  I am in that group

the Nex 5 etc. Sony offer a (simple) FW update to the Nex 5r and Nex6, to add new lenses. Would they have done that if they did not care? Then they would have said that only the Nex 5t will support those new lenses...

Oh come on.... They did that so that NEX-5R owners (and the owners of the other bodies which got upgraded firmware) can buy the new lenses, not out of the goodness of their hearts!

Saying they did it because 'they care' is taking things a bit too far!

I wonder why people are so paranoia when something does not happen at the moment they expected it to happen.

I wonder why some people feel such strong emotions towards their chosen multi-billion dollar brand that they feel the need to 'protect' it whenever they think an individual person might say something that they think might hurt it...

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