What a disappointing situation with the 17mm lens! Why?

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Re: False Dichotomy

GiggliG wrote:

texinwien wrote:

I consider it very similar to raising the white flag.

I feel exactly the same way about nitpicking somebody's use of quotation marks, writing a novel about exempli gratia when a sentence would suffice, lecturing (rather than merely distinguishing) on subject vs. object, referring to yourself as someone's intellectual superior, indirectly calling another person an imbecile, inter alia.

Those behaviors are also the white flags when it comes to garnering respect and being taken seriously. Reflect on that.

It's possible to have a polite, rational discussion without constantly asserting your ego.

It's rich that one who relied on haughty ad hominem out of the gate, only to fall back on his/her list of titles almost immediately after entering into the fray is lecturing me on the possibility of polite, rational discussion without the need to constantly assert one's ego. I'm sure you see the irony there. I'm certainly enjoying it.

But I will give you the courtesy of a straight up answer, even though I don't think you've earned it. I have been on this board for just over a year. I have seen posts from the people I've conversed with in this thread. This is not the first time I have talked with any of them.

I have seen, from more than one of them, multiple statements that I consider to be unfounded and misleading - that is, statements that the preponderance of evidence shows to be false, without any compelling fact-based arguments to the contrary.

Now, you are coming to this thread with (apparently) very little history here, or very little idea of the conversations that have gone on in the past.

Re-read my exchange with slimandy. Engage your faculty of reason and tell me whether you truly believe he was arguing with me in good faith. He began with the personal attacks, after all. As I told him, I am often direct, but I save rudeness for those who I believe are not attempting to engage in an honest, adult discussion. If I were more zen, I'd avoid the rudeness, altogether - maybe in my next life.

Another gentleman with whom I've had exchanges in this thread seems to be a very nice and knowledgeable man, but he has, over the course of the past year, made numerous statements that I believe to be unsubstantiated and misleading, and I do not think statements of that nature are helpful to those of us interested in making fact-based comparisons or decisions.

What you call nit-picking is not that, at all. Instead, it is me calling him out on his invalid arguments. It is improper and misleading to put quotes around a paraphrase with which one disagrees, just as it is misleading and improper to preface a list with 'e.g.' if one knows of no other items that belong in the list. You, as a solicitor and barrister, of all people, should understand the value of being specific, exact and correct in one's choice of words, especially when discussing technical minutiae on a gear forum.

I can't speak to this particular gentleman's motives - I assume they are pure - but the fact is that the tactics are misleading, were used in the defense of questionable positions in a discussion of contentious matters, and, most importantly, have no place in an honest, adult, fact-based discussion. The gentleman is a PhD, by the way, so I believe he should be able to fend for himself, and he should also be capable of crafting arguments that are based on verifiable substantiating evidence, and which do not rely (whether by design or accident) on clever, misleading use of linguistic devices.

Are we interested in discussing facts here, or what? What say you, GiggliG, Esq.?

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