9/1/2013 Weekly landscape show and tell

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Re: vancouver, british columbia

SeaScout851 wrote:

Hey salamander,

Such a beautiful area.

#1 Beautiful neighborhood with a great view. Using the lamp post as an anchor for the shot works very well. What would I have done to improve? Include a bit more of the ground below the post. But you're using the rule of thirds very well here. (getting picky here.)

#2 Nice framing.

#3 I like the back ground of this shot. But the road really does not add to the image. Try cropping at a 16x9 ratio and remove the road but keep the fence etc. For me it work much better.


andy, once again, thank you for your critiques. as always they are very helpful and i am more than happy to receive any kind of constructive criticism that will help me one day take that one pure and unique photograph that will beat all other photographs ever taken by various men of the camera and leave you guys  wallowing in my rocket blower dust.

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