What a disappointing situation with the 17mm lens! Why?

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Re: False Dichotomy

texinwien wrote:

If you were really as wise as you think you are, you would be a lot more humble.

I'm humble when it's called for.

Somehow, I don't buy it.

You come off like a first year university student who is feeling cocky because he just got a B on his first exam in introductory logic.

Yawn. Your first contribution to this thread consists entirely of personal attacks. The door is that way, don't let it hit you on the way out.

This thread devolved into a mess several pages ago, due largely to your behavior.

Also, I see my comment more as advice, since I presume you are unaware that you are being perceived this way by many people on the forum. No need to get defensive.

Pro-tip: People who are smart and successful don't spend hours talking down to people on internet forums.

Pro-tip: People who are smart and successful don't say "Pro-tip" (unless they're saying it ironically in order to make fun of other people who, like you, say it seriously)

You're right.



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