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Re: 9/1/2013 Weekly landscape show and tell

billythek wrote:


Are taking panos new for you? There's definitely a learning curve. Here are some tips I've learned:

- Do everything manual. Shoot in M mode, and set aperture, shutter speed, ISO (turn off auto ISO). Also, turn off AWB, set it to daylight or whatever.

- Focus, and then flip the lens switch to manual. Don't allow the camera to refocus.

- Although with modern software, you can get pretty good panos hand-holding, you'll do better using a tripod with a nodal rail. Also handy to have is a leveling base with a panning clamp. My Acratech GP ballhead has one built-in when you flip it over. Come in very handy for panos.

- Shoot with the camera in vertical (portrait) orientation, and pan horizontally. Gives a lot more pixels to work with, and makes it easier to crop. An L bracket comes in handy for this.

- Take the time to carefully level everything so you are panning level to the horizon. It will stitch much better if you do.

- Overlap 25 to 50%.

Maybe you already know this stuff, in which case sorry for seeming presumptive. Hope it helps someone, at least.

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- Bill

Bill, thank you for taking time to write this nice and detailed set of suggestions.  I have shoot panos in the past and have done a lot of experimenting.

Just a few caveats from my own experience.

-though I agree with shooting in M mode, I dont always keep the exposure constant. if I am going to an area where the sky is much brighter, I will allow for adjustments.  in this case, it was too extreme, and I was too lazy to fix it, but otherwise, I find I can usually get a clean blend.  As for AWB, I always shoot in raw.  My work flow before merging to panorama, is take away CA and distortion In LR and set the same wb and distortion for all images.

- the focus suggesiton is a great suggesiton and that is indeed what I do.

- yes, hand holding works, but for landscape tripod is great.  I also have an Acratech levelling base which is critical as you rotate the head. I first level the archatech, and then make sure the horizon is perfectly centered.  I rotate the head from side to side and make sure horizon remains perfectly centered.  another option is a 7 shot shifted pano with a TS lens.

-I do shoot in vertical postion, with an L bracket, which is permanently on my camera.  however life is about compromises.  sometime when waves are involved for example, you my be better off shooting in landscape and taking fewer shots.  Makes panos easier.  however, as a general rule I completly agree.

the rest I agree also.

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