9/1/2013 Weekly landscape show and tell

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Re: Waiwera, Auckland, NZ

Hey Chris,

I'm not sure but I do think these are the first images I've seen taken with the EOS M.

An interesting area and worth a revisit.

What we do is art.  And some times our 'art' eye and our time allowed just don't happen at the same time.  I know this very well.  I'll go to a area and just not see the shots.  Go another time and it's like they just jump out at you.  I've been known to go to a area with just a cell phone just to get some concepts that I can use to revisit the area later when the light and my time allow.

#1 A good concept with good processing to bring out the colors.  Lowering the camera angled up a bit may have helped.  Being just a bit closer to the ocean may have helped too.  I would personally need a bit of time trying a bunch of different angles to get any better.

#2 Good call going to B&W.

#3 Interesting concept worth further exploration.  I tried cropping as an 8x10 and preferred it.


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