Monochrom/Noctilux - West Virginia freeway stop

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you've certainly opened up a can of worms.....

Just my few pennies... I actually like the shot, it has something about it that is fairly indicative of the US urban landscape that is very American. As an Englishman it appeals to my love of the states.

The monochrome isn't the best Jpeg black and white camera and hasn't been designed to be... something from Olympus or Fuji produces a much better out of camera Jpeg for black and white in my opinion. The shot looks flat to me and lacks punch... In Raw you could have added more contrast at the raw stage whilst retaining detail.

Price is irrelevant and I have a M240 and love it, I'm not rich but I saved and saved....

To add in a sky after shooting jpeg is bizarre to me. It takes away from the whole concept of real urban landscape... if the sky is grey record a grey sky.... To spend that long in photoshop and not shoot Raw is a misuse of post production time.

I think it's always harsh to hear bad criticism as most of the time if people don't like shots they say nothing. I think this is a good rule of thumb unless the criticism is genuinely constructive.

I'd love to see more of your work so we get a better idea of context and your abilities as we're all learning and you might pick up (like we all do) some useful tips......



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