GH3 low light indoor acrobatic show

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Re: GH3 low light indoor acrobatic show

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OK since these photos have been posted for 5 hours now without a peep from anyone (amazingly), I will say they are very, very nice. The 800 ISO does the lighting great and very cleanly.

Big whoops! I was so taken with the images and wanted to post after seeing 5 hours had gone by with no others, that I clearly wasn't paying attention after the 1st photo's EXIF that not all were 800 ISO, with the rest at various levels of much higher ISO......which is even more impressive given how clean. The detail & color in the shadows and darker lit portions of the photos is just lovely. Props again!

Many thanks!

I should mention that on some of these I did a slight de-noising. I use the Topaz Labs plugin. It works very well, but also the GH3 sensor does good for high ISO - much better than the first generation m43 sensors.

OH. OK. I take it back now ..... the old noise reduction trick..... eh?? I just purchased a month or so ago the Topaz noise software. Indeed it is very good with a lot of manual flexibility.

That said, I have a screaming fast Mac Pro to work with and had been using NIK's Dfine 2 for noise. The Topaz takes about 4 times as long ....... maybe.....what.....14 or so seconds on a 16 or 24mp frame, once you hit the perform button. The Dfine 2 flies through it and I love its quick self analysis. Maybe CUDA is involved with Dfine as I have a good card for that.

But more than that it kind of "seems" to me in my RAW processing that the auto evaluation and algorithms of the NIK are finding a better balance quickly with good noise reduction and leaving better detail for the same amount of NR??? Certainly an off the cuff comment as I have done no rigorous testing. But am back to using the NIK NR most of the time.

I've been very impressed with the de-noising module in Topaz Adjust-5, which seems clearly better than either ACR or PS-6 in preserving detail while controlling noise more effectively. Topaz De-Noise is on the shopping list, as I understand it enables masking control - a huge plus. And maybe their new masking plugin also - anybody tried it so far?


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