Sony NEX-6 Benchmark Test?

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Re: Sony NEX-6 Benchmark Test?

justincarlson wrote:

I've got a Sony NEX-6 with the 16-50mm kit lens, and I've really been having difficulty getting good quality shots from it. I know the 1650 isn't the sharpest of lenses in the least, but my photos seem to be coming out with way more blur (I'm not sure if blur is the right word) than you should expect with an $800 camera. If I'm working with a lot of light I seem to be able to get o.k. shots.

I'm wondering if there is some sort of benchmark at standardized focal length/aperture/ISO that DPreview has to test if I have a bad lens copy or if there is even possibly something wrong with my camera's sensor. It seems more likely that it would be the lens. I've had the camera for about a month and a half, purchased from Amazon.

I've attached an image I shot today, perhaps it's not the best sample image because of the low light and high ISO, but it seems like the lower-lit areas are just not as clear as they should be. I can provide other samples as well if it's helpful.

I was getting a little paranoid myself after hearing so many complaints of the 1650 focus quality and found this simple procedure posted in one of the threads. I copied it for later since it would be difficult to locate the thread it came from. Kudos to the poster!

I bought the Bracket Pro app and performed the test a few days ago and found my lens was good. It won't hurt to make sure before the warranty runs out.


"Best way is to buy the focus bracketing app for a few $, leave it on default bracketing spacing and then stand about 10 feet away from a sign ( building works warning signs are good as they have different sizes of writing on the sign so its easy to judge focus) .. then with the aperture WIDE OPEN (so thats f5.6 at 50mm) take a few shots (when you press the shutter the NEX takes its focus shot then one either side of its focus point) .. make sure your focus is set to spot and targetted on the sign. The depth of field (DOF) with these settings is i think about 2.5 feet (dark lens) so if you are not getting good focus in this situation the AF is badly off.

In my case one of the bracketed focus points was sharper than the NEX's so Sony took it back to repair straight away once emailed them the shots ...

If you are getting a decent focus just move your bracketing spacing to smaller and see how it goes .. this way you will find out if its your lens thats crap or your expectations".

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