What a disappointing situation with the 17mm lens! Why?

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Re: What a disappointing situation with the 17mm lens! Why?

I have four lenses which can deliver of 17mm. The best possible 17mm lens to use with any MFT camera is the FT12-60 SWD with its adapter. No one could possibly complain about the results and no one ever has. Anyone who has ever owned and raved about this lens on an FT SLR but either sold it or not bought the adapter is an idiot. There are no better zoom lenses. And at 17mm, even in a packed field including primes, it's still the champ.

Cassel, EM-5, 12-60 SWD, 1/125, f/4.0, 17mm

Then it's a toss up between the FT 9-18 and the MFT 17mm 1.8 about which I have very little to complain. In fact it looks superb on the camera, is more versatile that the 12mm, sharper, wider, quicker and lighter than than 12-50 (another underrated MFT lens) and much lighter, wieldoer and much quicker than the 9-18 with its adapter. Not so slow that I'm springing for the MFT 9-18 which is a tad less sharp but not so fast and noiseless, like the 17mm 1.8 that you have to turn the sound on to convince yourself it's done the job. And no lovely snap ring to snap you into MF which is soooo useful in nailing the focus exactly where you want it.

HOWEVER, MFT is not just about edge to edge sharpness, is it? So of course the 17mm (I have the 12mm and the 45mm and willsoon have the 75mm) is the lens which spends most time on the camera.

There's nothing at all wrong with it other than it didn't get the rave reviews the 12mm, 45mm and 75mm prime lenses got. I do tweak up the sharpness a bit beyond the other lenses but not much and I have it set at -1 in the camera anyway.

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