What a disappointing situation with the 17mm lens! Why?

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Re: That understanding may depend on more factors.

When 50mm is an easy distance for a full frame 35mm dslr we can still scale this down for m43. The distance from the rear of the lens to the sensor is considerably smaller in m43. The image circle to be covered is also considerably smaller.

If everything is roughly scaled down by a factor of 2 then a 25mm or perhaps a 30mm lens should be equally easy to make for m43 as a 50mm lens is for full frame. Right?

In any case a 17mm lens does not fall into that easy category unfortunately.

Are you sure about this scaling down and just as equal to make (as fast and as good)? I think it is more complicated than that. Ignoring the fact there is a mirror in the way and there could be different designs as a result, i.e.assuming that the same lens design is used, odd such scaling talking going tip mean the same difficulty in getting the same quality and speed (in f value)?

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