What a disappointing situation with the 17mm lens! Why?

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Re: I fully agree on that bit of 12/17 comparison.

Sergey Borachev wrote:

I am no expert and I hope someone can confirm this.

My understanding is that FL around 50mm is the easiest to make good.

The 17mm is much wider than 50mm. The crop factor comes from the sensor size; it is not a proprty of the lens. It is still a 17mm lens. Look at the 45mm f1.8. Smaller, sharper, cheaper. Maybe that's where it is easier to make a sharp lens. That said, I appreciate the 12 is also a little sharper than the 17, but the 12 has other problems (purple fringing/flare springs to mind).

Every lens is a compromise. I think the Olly 17 is the best lens for my purposes in this range. The Pana 20 is a bit slower to focus and doesn't handle as well on my OMD (IMO), and any other alternatives don't match the wide aperture. I think it might be possible to build better and faster, but it will be bigger and more expensive too. The main reason I bought into MFT was the compactness and weight of the lenses. I'm happy to own a fast lens that is well built, nice to use, delivers excellent IQ and yet is very small.

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Not sure why you are talking about crop factor and sensor size. You have a difficult comprehending what the OP said about what the objective and the worth of the lens for general purposes as compared to other lenses? Or is it really so much pain hearing criticisms? If you like the lens, good for you. You are blessed
You should be happier whatever others may say.

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