can't believe my 5R has lost almost half value in 7 months

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Re: Change your camera buying strategy

MiamiDolphin wrote:

Instead of buying the latest when it comes out and having it be worth ½ price a year later, buy it one year later when it’s an older generation and get it for ½ price. That way instead of being sad you’ll be jumping with joy. And that same camera will take the same pictures a year later.

Theres no issue buying new if you keep cameras to use for a few yrs rather than buying the next model letter every yr.

Lets face it modern cameras life and performance depends on how they are treated and there are a lot of "rough buggers" that buy cameras as sell them on having been knocked around and a repair job now is likely the cost of what you paid for the camera body again

I'd rather buy new (or refurb) with a 1 yr comprehensive Sony Warranty (which I have had to use to get a AF working PZ kit lens incidently) at least I know its been treated with care and will likely last trouble free.

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